Explore Learning

Explore Learning is an education company that provides fun solutions for the most critical challenges in K-12 STEM learning. Explore Learning wanted a future-proofed platform that would drive member acquisition and retention.

I was in charge of coming up with a full concept as the only UI designer, as well as creating UI, a component library, and animations.

Concept, UI Design, Animation
The Brief

Explore Learning used to solely focus on offline centres before COVID-19. However, after the pandemic hit, they realised the need for a proper digital platform. Although a website was quickly developed, it required significant improvements, particularly with regards to the ability for customers to sign up directly on the website.

The client wanted a new website to boost member acquisition while providing a scalable IA for future use cases. My role in this project was to be in charge of the UI side.

Using colours, shapes and animations

Many different shapes and colours were used to make learning more fun and exciting. Some animations were added to give it a bit of life and energy.